Our Luxury Masterminds Retreats have an admission cost that varies between $10,000 and $25,000 (USD) per person and are sold out every year. To know more,CLICK HERE
If you want to know how to access this Private event in Costa Rica for a Fraction of its Cost, keep reading...
What is "Build an Empire Together"?
    • It is a World Class Business and Personal Development Retreat.
    • It is a Learning Center with Internationally Awarded Experts and Authors.
    • It is a High Level Opportunity to Network With Power Couples From Around the World.
    • ​​It is an Unforgettable Experience in a Private Beach in Costa Rica. 
    • ​The Perfect Getaway You Know You Need.
    "When both members of a couple are focused on their careers, their personal and professional lives can become deeply intertwined. That create unique challeges - and advantages as well."
    "When both members of a couple are focused on their careers, their personal and professional lives can become deeply intertwined. That create unique challeges - and advantages as well."
    What are you going to learn?
      • What are the main factors that make a "Power Couple".
      • How to develop a "Couple’s Vision".
      • How to help each other to reach success.
      • ​​How to avoid asymmetric support.
      • ​The Importance of aiming high.
      • How to work hard and play hard.
      • ​How to compromise, when conflict strikes.
      • ​The importance of long term planning.
      • ​Are you surrounding yourselves with the right people?
      • ​And much more...
      What makes Héctor & Isabell a "Power Couple"?
        • They have been together for 6 years.
        • They have traveled to 18 countries together.
        • Héctor has created multiple multi-million dollar companies.
        • ​​There is an award winning documentary movie about Isabell.
        • ​They are both International Speakers.
        • They are both Award Winning Authors.
        • ​They are both International Best Selling Authors.
        • ​They both came from nothing and are self-made.
        • ​Héctor has over 200,000 online students in over 90 countries and is considered "#1 Hispanic High End Business Mentor in the World"
        • ​Isabell helps thousands of women around the world to rebuild their life and is labeled as "Scandinavia´s #1 Confidence Coach".
        From: Héctor  & Isabell
        To: Amazing Power Couples out there
        Dear friends,
        If you are reading this, then you know that a Mastermind is the fastest way to get to the next level.

        It is a group of like-minded people who work together to raise their game, to earn more money, to get more freedom and achieve the life they have always dreamed of...

        We created this Powerful Couples´ Mastermind Retreat to help you achieve the greatness and abundant you know you deserve. If you are one of the [very] few people in the world that knows there is a better life and are committed to get there...

        Then this will be the most important letter you will read this year:
        But First, A Warning:
        This Couples Retreat is NOT for everyone...

        In fact, it is ONLY for 2 types of couples:

        1.) Power Couples who are trying to reach their next level of income, wealth or personal satisfaction...

        2.) Future Power Couples: couples committed to their success and willing to do whatever it takes to join the world's elite winners.

        If you do not enter these categories, then stop reading now, because unfortunately we will have to remove you from the list if you try to join...

        However, if you are and your other half are a Power Couple, or if you are committed to becoming one, then ...
          This is what You get when You Attend:
            • An incredible retreat in an Exclusive Beach House.
            • 4 days and 4 nights in a private room in our Private Residence.
            • Breakfast, lunch and dinner specially cooked by our private chef.
            • Airport pick-up and drop-off. (*) 
            • An Unforgettable Experience. 
            (*) exclusively from-to Liberia Airport
            After joining Build an Empire Together - Costa Rica, this is what you get:

            4 Days of Exclusive Training where we will reveal the habits of success, skills and tools that allowed us to become a multi millionaire couple in the last 5 years...

            Training by Héctor RC, one of the most prestigious high-level mentors in the world, who will give you the same knowledge of development, finance and business that he offers to his elite clients worldwide.

            Coaching by Isabell Rodriguez, the woman behind the RC empire, who not only is the one supporting all the moving parts behind its development, but also a fitness expert, award winning author and international speaker and coach.

            ⭐ Exclusive training where we reveal the secrets of couple success that allowed us to build our multiple seven figures-nomad empire.

            ⭐ Training in different disciplines, designed to help you raise your productivity levels and results.

            ⭐ Instant access to the Private Network of Power Couples. This is where you can connect and learn from like-minded millionaires and future millionaires who are raising each other to the next level...

            ⭐ But that's not all ... (keep reading)!

            And I can promise you: this investment will be...
            The Best Investment In Yourself You Ever Made!
            (And We Personally Take All the Risk!)
            When we planned this Couples Mastermind Retreat, we planned to set your registration cost at $24,997 per couple. That would make it one of the most accessible High Level Private Couple Masterminds in the world (we have personally participated in MM of up to $100,000)...

            But before doing so, we thought about launching this Mastermind to a select group of people with an unprecedented discount...

            So unheard of, that it is unthinkable to miss the opportunity for anyone looking to join a Mastermind, while resting in the middle of Paradise...

            With that in mind, we were going to lower the price to just $14,997 per couple...

            Then 2020 happened. So we decided to do something that in other circumstances would look crazy... but we really want to help you, so we took that discounted price that occurred to us and demolished it!

            You can get full access to BUILD AN EMPIRE TOGETHER today for only $2,997.00 per COUPLE.
            And if you register today, we will let you join the group with a 100% money-back guarantee without complications.
              In addition, you get more than $10,000 in Extras:
              In addition to the experience of sharing 4 days with us, by accessing the Build an Empire Together Retreat today, you get:

              ⭐ ALL INCLUSIVE full stay in our mansion in Costa Rica, valued at 2 million dollars, where you will enjoy a luxurious atmosphere in one of the most beautifulbeaches on the planet (value $1,000/ day).

              ⭐ Daily extracurricular activities such as Yoga, Physical Training, provided by exclusive personal trainers ($250/ day value).

              ⭐ Relaxation and physical, mental and spiritual recovery activities, such as Meditation, Massages, Spa, etc. (value $300/ day).

              ⭐ Participation in local tourist activities designed to not only grow your mind and your company, but also to enjoy the nature of this wonderful country (value $100/ activity).

              ⭐ Opportunity to boost your personal brand and your marketing from one of the most famous vacational places in the world! (INVALUABLE)

              Only these extra bonuses are worth more than what you are going to invest, if you make the decision today!
              These are the steps to follow:
              Step 1: Click on the button "Sign Up Now to "Build an Empire Together" anywhere on this page.

              Step 2: Enter your information.

              Step 3: Confirm your assistance.

              Step 4: We will send you your Mastermind credentials (along with all the free bonuses you get, which you can see below).

              That's it, it's really that simple!
              So click on the button below to join one of the most Exclusive, but accessible, High Level Couples Retreat/Mastermind in the world! 
              But before doing so, I have to let you know:
              Time is Essential
              You will not be able to join this high level mastermind with this unprecedented discount forever...

              In fact, as I said, we are still thinking of charging $14,997 in the near future... (even at that cost it is still one of the most affordable masterminds in the world).

              So do not miss this opportunity...

              One of the characteristics of millionaires and successful people is that they act without hesitation...

              And that is what I ask you to do now...

              Click on the button on this page to join the "Build an Empire Together" couples mastermind retreat before missing the opportunity.

              Ah. And in case you're wondering...


              Of course there is a money back guarantee!

               In fact, listen to this...
              If having attended the Mastermind, you decide that it has not been valuable for you, I will personally give you a 100% refund of your money. Refunds are authorized only during the event. You must have attended the event until day 5 in the afternoon and request your refund with our team.
                Literally, the risk is all ours, so that we can provide you with the best content.
                It sounds fair?
                Special Offer: Only US$25,000.00 US$2,997.00
                Meet Héctor RC
                Uruguayan and based in Sweden, Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo (also known as Hector RC), is a Serial Entrepreneur, International Best Seller and Award Winning Author, International Speaker and High Level Business Mentor.

                Cosidered internationally as the "World´s #1 Hispanic Business and Personal Development Coach," Héctor is the founder and creator of Sé el Jefe® LLC (Be the Boss), the largest Spanish-speaking business and training company for entrepreneurs on the planet, with more than 190,000 registered users globally.

                Héctor dedicates his life to helping Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs or small business owners who seek to scale their growth or impact and multiply their income.

                With a reach of more than half a million people, it helps thousands revolutionize their present and pursue the future they dream of, every day.

                His header phrase: "See you at the top!"
                  Meet Isabell Rodriguez
                  Growing up Isabell lost her father at an early age.
                  She was sexual abused at the age of 5.
                  She later in life got physically and mentally abused by her stepfather, her mother and her lived in women shelters and later on had to rebuild their whole life from scratch.

                  It led to a down spiral of a self destructive behavior, insecurities and low self esteem and she fell right in the same footstep as her mother.
                  When she fell in love with a guy who abused her and put her down even more.
                  The consequences of her traumas led to anorexia and bulimia, that nearly killed her.

                  Today she travels the world to motivate and help women to overcome their traumas and unlock their true potential.

                  With her "Rebuild Your Life Program" she has helped thousands of women to heal and to achieve their goals in life.

                    What Our Students Have to Say...
                    Lori - NY, USA
                    Victor - PH, USA
                    Karen - PH, USA
                    Jennifer - NJ, USA
                    Nicholas - Switzerland
                    Sean- NJ, USA
                    "... is my safe bet towards my goal of helping others fulfill their dreams"
                    “Sé el Jefe® represents a turning point in my 
                    career in the business world. There is no training in business so complete, and that provides as much support as this.”
                    Nacho - España
                    "Today I am another person,
                    with more knowledge 
                    and much freer"
                    “Sé el Jefe® has given me the opportunity to grow economically and professionally, and in addition to helping me see another world out there that I didn't even imagine existed."
                    Daniela - Uruguay
                    "What limits me to achieve my dreams? Hector helped me find the answer"
                    “I have known Héctor RC for more than 15 years. He always had a different vision of life than the rest and during all these years, he always encouraged me to seek to be better."
                    Gonzalo - Uruguay
                    Hurry up and get ALL of the following today,
                    before the opportunity vanishes ...
                    "Build an Empire Together"
                    AVAILABLE DATES
                    • DATE #3: 27-31 July 2021 (SOLD OUT)
                    • ​DATE #5: 14-19 December 2021 (3 spots left)
                    • ​DATE #6: 10-14 November 2022 (9 spots left)
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