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Meet The Founder 
Isabell Rodríguez 

One of Sweden´s Top Coaches and Scandinavia's #1 Women's Confidence Coach

Growing up, Isabell lost her father at an early age. She was sexually abused at the age of five. Later in life, she got physically and mentally abused by her stepfather. With her mother, she lived in women shelters, and from there she had to rebuild her whole life from scratch.

It led to a down spiral of self-destructive behavior, insecurities and low self-esteem, and she fell right in the same footsteps as her mother.
Later on, she fell in love with a guy who abused her and put her down even more. The consequences of her traumas led to anorexia and bulimia, which nearly killed her.

Today she travels the world to motivate and help women overcome their traumas and unlock their true potential.

With her "Rebuild Your Life Program" she has helped thousands of women heal and achieve their goals in life. 

Isabell is known for her focus on service, connection, contribution and leadership. These are the few reasons why she is one of the most sought-after women coaches alive today.




One of Sweden´s Top Coaches and Scandinavia's #1 Women's Confidence Coach Growing up, Isabell lost her father at an early age. 

She was sexually abused at the age of five. Later in life, she got physically and mentally abused by her stepfather. With her mother, she lived in women shelters, and from there she had to rebuild her whole life from scratch.



Meet the Founder
Isabell Rodríguez 

One of Sweden´s Top Coaches and Scandinavia's #1 Women's Confidence Coach

Growing up, Isabell lost her father at an early age. She was sexually abused at the age of five. Later in life, she got physically and mentally abused by her stepfather. She lived in women shelters with her mother, and from there she had to rebuild her whole life from scratch.

It led to a down spiral of  self-destructive behavior, insecurities and low self-esteem, and she fell right in the same footsteps as her mother.

Later on, she fell in love with a guy who abused her and put her down even more. The consequences of her traumas led to anorexia and bulimia, which nearly killed her.

Today she travels the world to motivate and help women overcome their traumas and unlock their true potential.

With her "Rebuild Your Life Program" she has helped thousands of women heal and achieve their goals in life. 

Isabell is known for her focus on service, connection, contribution and leadership.  These are the few reasons why she is one of the most sought-after women coaches alive today.

Meet Our Team Of International World Class Experts

    Live Experts:
    Forbes Riley
    Forbes Riley is an award winning national TV host, one of America’s leading health and fitness experts, keynote speaker, author and founder/CEO of the best-selling fitness system, SpinGym.

    When Forbes initially launched SpinGym, the power of her pitch skyrocketed her company to 1.2 million dollars in sales within just 24 hours, proving once and for all that her title as the "Two Billion Dollar Host" was well-earned! Just by using the right words, she nailed  it the right way at the right time!

    Few Marketing Avengers have mastered their super power as expert as international award-winning TV host, Forbes Riley. She is the consummate early-adopter, always having her finger on the pulse of “what’s next” and leveraging that in front of global audiences, pioneering multiple platforms in front of the camera.

    Today, Forbes continues to spend a significant amount of her time working on television while also running her international fitness empire based on her best-selling SpinGym system, which has already sold more than 1.5 million units.

    She is also committed to giving back to her career. Hence, she has developed an innovative curricula, while traveling the United States, hosting exclusive clinics, teaching the power of the perfect pitch, and mastering video marketing. 

    Thousands of celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, influencers, innovators and leaders have benefited from her knowledge.
      Simonetta Lein
      Simonetta Lein is a Named Fashion Icon with over 6,2 million followers on Instagram, she is a Writer, Millennial Activist, considered one of the top 5 influencers in the world by Forbes. She is the founder of "The Wishwall Foundation", with its international project 

      Celebrity TV Host and Top Women Influencer, Simonetta Lein and BOLD TV, launched the “The Simonetta Lein Show,” in March 2020.
      The show opened with NYFW founder Fern Mallis at the BOLD TV Studio in Times
      Square, New York. Before even five episodes were aired.

      “The Simonetta Lein Show”, now running through its 4th independent season via IGTV, has completely reshaped the landscape of television, as one of the most prominent and well respected talk show series. 
      The show has hosted top celebrities and industry legends such as Bob
      Saget, Ceelo Green, Blac Chyna, Tommy Chong, Steve-O, Eric Roberts, Tom Arnold, Candace Cameron, Danny Trejo, Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro, Hailey Duff, Robert Davi, Grant Cardone, Afroman, Jay
      Shetty, Dr. Drew, Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer, and many more.

      Simonetta is known as the: 
      - The Celebrity Wishmaker, 
      - Social Media Entrepreneur, 
      - Ranked Top 100 Fashion Influencer
      - Author & Brand Ambassador
      - Co-Founder of Ausonia Partners LLC Digital and Marketing Agency

      Simonetta contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur
      Magazine, Huffington Post and advocates for women in her blog Empowering

      Style by The Wishmaker

      Simonetta is an entrepreneur, a tv personality and a top model that has
      contributed to several shows at NYFW and at Madison Square Garden for Style
      Fashion Week. 
      Her fans call her The Wishmaker.
        Lisa Vrancken
        Lisa Vrancken is an exceptional business leader, proficient marketing director, and globally-recognised brand/media strategist. Currently, Lisa is the Executive Vice President of As Seen On TV, where she spearheads programming for Shark Discoveries with prominent host Kevin Harrington — the original Shark from the Emmy award-winning TV show, Shark Tank. 
        An award-winning television producer herself, Lisa brings more than two decades of experience in TV, digital marketing, public speaking, PR/events, and branded entertainment. 

        Lisa masterfully weaves interdepartmental connections, drives cross-platform revenue strategies, creates relevant content, and develops engaging video/commercial advertising for clients of all stripes.
        Lisa also partnered with Ashley Black and Korie Minkus to co-author the book, BE…From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity. Together, they formed BE…PPPP LLC, for events, merchandising and to create a community for female entrepreneurs.

        She’s is also the Co-Founder of Raw Form LLC, with Korie Minkus and Beauty Expert, Sarah Eggenberger, a company that specialises in bridging raw ingredient suppliers with independent brands and retail private label in Beauty and Health.

        As the architect of the Innovator’s  Think Tank, Lisa has been a genuine catalyst to the successful trajectories of an array of diverse brands in distinct verticals. 
        Lisa has a background in law, holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics, and she later earned certifications in
        biofeedback, hypnotherapy, and neurolinguistic programming. 
        A student of the market and the mind, Lisa is a poised industry veteran with professional insights and remarkable wisdom.
          Ann is an award-winning, master photographer and mentor with over 20 years in the photography industry, she is an international best-selling author and speaker.
          She is known as the celebrity photographer that makes her clients look like rockstars and feel like royalty.

          Ann has photographed public figures and influencers such as Lisa Nichols, Forbes Riley, Sharon Lechter, Les Brown, and Stedman Graham and has been featured in San Diego magazines, numerous podcasts, Forbes Magazine, and The Huffington Post.
          Ann specializes in Branding, Boudoir, and Fine Art Portraits. 
          10 years ago after walking away from an abusive marriage where she lost her self worth and could no longer see her greatness with a lot of self-development and determination she built herself back up as a victory rather than a victim and took her passion, drive and experience to bring out the best version of each of her clients to elevate their business and also their self-esteem. To show them their inner shine and essence they might have forgotten about or never seen in themselves before through her transformational lens. 
            Virtual Experts:
            Korie Minkus
            Korie Minkus, is one of the world’s leading authorities in physical product-based business, a Fortune 500 thought- action executive, who launched over 100 consumer goods and worked with brands generating over $1 billion in retail revenue.

            Korie spent three decades in Corporate America servicing the Consumer-Packaged Goods and Durable Goods market. She focused on an engaged performance, while leading with accountability and cultural consciousness. Driving retail and eCommerce sales and servicing multinational retailers, Korie leveraged her skills as a proficient marketer, a key resource for industry intelligence, and an efficiency optimizer. As an executive leader, Korie mentored and inspired teams, and collaborated with clients to build sincere rapport and enduring partnerships.

            Now, as the CEO of Industry Rockstar, Korie relies on her contagious energy and community-based skills to develop advanced training for business leaders that enhance the clarity, accountability, and persuasion outcomes. She partners, consults, and coaches thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs globally, on the winning best practices that generate consumer loyalty, authentic positioning, online and offline sales strategy, supply chain management and operational excellence, resulting in growth of market share. As a key strategist, Korie identifies the business partnerships that cultivate the key alliances of Industry Rockstar’s Product Portfolio investment division.

            Korie was a competitive figure skater for 22 years and learned the love of healthy living, competition, and discipline from a very young age. She is the wife of her high school sweetheart and the mom of two boys both obsessed with their own athletic acumen. She is recognized by her friends as the ‘Garland girl’, with her dedicated commitment to linking like-minded souls together. As the loving big sister to Kane (Founder of Industry Rockstar) and her adored older brother Kirk, a Vascular Interventional Radiologist, her family system was rooted in deep love, a commitment to continued growth, and a fierce belief in living life to the fullest, while creating powerful impact on the planet.

            Korie is skilled and certified in Landmark Education and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a method to improve individual productivity, communication, rapport building techniques, personal development and transformational work, language and decision-making.
              Viola Edward
              Viola’s clients and colleagues call her “Master Mentor and Connector”. An inspirational teacher, personal and business leader, humanitarian, a sustainable influencer. She is particularly valued for her intuition, grit, experience, integrity and creativity. Her motto is “Together is Better for Caring Alliances”.

              She is a transcultural psychotherapist, a trainer in mentoring, breathwork and coaching, a social entrepreneur, Business Consultant B and Advisor to many leaders and organizations across multiple sectors. 

              She has been pioneering and developing mental health fitness and wellbeing in the workplace since the nineties, bridging the space between breathwork therapy, mindfulness and business management. 

              She now works internationally with individual and corporate clients in a cross pollination between self-development, management, and leadership. As a creative entrepreneur, she is a synergist, developing innovative schemes. She recently introduced breathwork to rehabilitation from addiction, a theme in her life that she successfully overcame.

              Viola is an expert in Wellbeing and Mental Health fitness with thirty years of experience. 

              She is the CEO-Co-founder-owner of GRIT Academy and Partner-ED of Creative Women Platform. 

              She is the Co-creator of the BQ- Breath Intelligence and GRIT Breathwork. Viola also sits on the boards of several magazines and NGO’s and serves as ambassador for Human Rights and for Gender Equity.

              Author of two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” and the amazon Best Seller “Who Makes the Bed?” both translated to Spanish, co-author of eleven more.

              Languages: English, Spanish and Arabic.

              Multi-awarded leader, including a Doctorate Honoris Causa, Aspirational Woman and Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring, Viola started her working life at the age of thirteen when she immigrated from Lebanon to Venezuela. She fed her passion for development and study through home schooling, evening lessons and alternative educational pathways. For twenty-one years, she worked in small, medium and large businesses, mainly in the insurance sector. In 1993, she commenced her new career path and following her dream and love for the human psyche - she realized that breath was at the core of every person’s wellbeing, a discovery she was eager to share with others-. She combined her years of working experience and her knowledge of transpersonal psychotherapy, meditation and breathwork to found her first company. 

              She emigrated again at 43 for love, and lives in Cyprus.

              “I have been a serial migrant throughout my life, recreating myself and continuously evolving and expanding to embrace new environments. My passion and purpose are to transfer the knowledge and wisdom I acquired throughout my journey to serve the growth and evolution of others. I fulfill that by creating teaching spaces which enable people to develop, grow and sustain themselves, individually and in groups.” 

                Past Experts:
                Lauren Drain
                Fitness model, nurse, and author who is known for having published her memoirs as a member of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church. She was expelled from the church, which is one experience documented in the book Banished. 
                Her book, "Banished", is a New York Times Bestsellers, that same year, she joined the NOH8 campaign to combat the rhetoric of the Westboro Baptist Church.

                Lauren was indoctrinated into the cult as a child but was later banished due to nonconformance. Sent to a motel room with nothing more than a suitcase, She was forbidden from all forms of communication with her siblings and family members. She had to rebuild her entire life while looking through the hourglass at the family and friends she once had. Since then, she has spoken at universities, conferences, and many other events to help educate the public about the power of hate and brainwashing. She started a charity to help others escape the cult, wrote a book, posed for NOH8 and much more. 
                - In short, it doesn’t matter where you are in life or how bad it seems right now, she is a living proof that if you just put one foot in front of the other – you’re moving forward. You’re making progress, however small it may be!

                Lauren worked as a Registered Nurse for nine years before becoming a full-time personal trainer and fitness model. Moreover, she uses her social media account such as Instagram and Facebook to showcase her fitness routines, strength, and motivational content. She has over 3.7 million followers on Instagram and is continuously growing. 
                Lauren has opened up about her complex PTSD and uses her social media to bring awareness about mental health,  She is a power house and empowering women all over the world. 

                  April Beach
                  April Beach is an online business expert who teaches entrepreneurs to design, launch and scale their business. She an author, speaker, award-winning business strategist, online courses pioneer, leading teacher equipping entrepreneurs with proven methods, and an environmental nonprofit founder.

                  April has been a life-long lifestyle entrepreneur who has coached businesses worldwide for over 25 years. She's developed world-class programs for corporations, as well as online business launch and scale systems for experts, coaches, and consultants. April is the creator of the Wave Makers™ Method, a proven roadmap for entrepreneurs to reach their business and lifestyle goals, as well as frameworks that have been trusted by entrepreneurs to deliver predictable-measurable results. April has carved her niche as the go-to online business strategist for entrepreneurs who want a high-profit, deep purpose, lifestyle freedom company. 
                  April has been featured on Today, MSNBC, and Fox News, and in the New York Times, the Denver Business Journal, and Patagonia. She was named the “Greatest Thinker of 2011” by the Denver Post and Top 50 Moms In Podcasting for her leading show, SweetLife Entrepreneur™.
                  April is a mom of three teenage boys. She grew up running her parent's surf shops in California and Hawaii and moved out on her own at age 13. In 1994, at the age of 18, April left for Costa Rica with a backpack and a 1-way ticket and has built companies for complete location freedom ever since. Today, she continues her mission to teach 1 million people to design her life through entrepreneurship. She's a surfer, adventurer, flow state addict, rebellious disruptor, and currently owns 5 companies.
                    Alejandra Gonzalez
                    Model, radio host, TV host, and businesswoman.

                     Dreamer, a young woman dedicated to her dreams and goals, she faithfully believes that her hard work, discipline, and dedication will always lead to wonderful places and results.

                    Throughout her 24 years, she has lived through various situations that have marked her life, however, she never let that quench her desire to move on.

                    Today, she tells her story on how she takes everything in a positive way to move forward never looking back, and she always strives to be an example to others that anything is possible

                      Ashmin Kaur
                      Ashmin’s extensive training includes ancient shamanic wisdom teachings, along with cutting edge practices in science (nutrition, biology, neuroscience) at the Four Winds Society which is known as the world’s most renowned school of energy medicine.

                      Working with the medicine men and women, she was provided the tools necessary to transform her life, and to be a guide for others on their path of self discovery. Ashmin shares her knowledge of this ancient wisdom, providing guidance on how to bring the mind, body, and soul into ayni (balance).
                        Danna Hernández
                        Danna Hernández, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017, international influencer and writer.

                        She has a bachelor's degree in communications, certified as a life coach, and founder of Miss Empowered. A brand aimed at the empowerment and personal development of women.

                        She is an Instagram influencer with over 190.000 followers.
                        She is impacting women's life all over the world.
                          Ashley Black
                          “I overcame a life of suffering to thrive... and you can too”

                          Ashley Black, the #1 best-selling author and inventor of the myofascial tool phenomenon the FasciaBlaster®, was born in a small town in Alabama in 1973. At a young age, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) which would come in waves of debilitating pain throughout her childhood. She spent her youth in and out of doctors' offices and was told she would need a wheelchair by age 25.

                          Determined that this would not be her fate, she developed her own coping mechanisms to control her flare-ups and found that food charting, hot and cold baths, self-massaging, stretching, and strength training were effective means of pain management. She began to deny medications in her teens and always knew there was a better way.

                          Black developed a love for sports and became a competitive athlete – tumbling, dancing, and cheering throughout college and by her early twenties, she was teaching 20+ fitness classes a week.

                          After overcoming juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and a bone-eating, near death experience, Ashley Black has dedicated her life to educating and enriching the lives of others. Her career has taken her from owning sports clinics, to working with world class athletes and celebrities, to bringing her technologies mainstream. 

                          Black will never rest until there is global awareness that fascia is the root cause of so many problems, and that there is a simple solution. She wants no one to suffer the way she did, or be limited in anyway.
                            Allesia Minkus
                            After delivering over 2000 business growth trainings in 16 different countries, Alessia’s methods, systems and proprietary techniques have served over 400,000 business owners and professionals offline & over three million online.

                            Her best practices in accelerated business growth combined with over 2 decades of Advanced Human Potential immersion studies (stretching from San Francisco to India, the Middle East to Europe) creates a unique and powerful set of tools and presentations that shift your potential past what you know as possible today. Across the planet, participants comment on the unusually poignant systems that Alessia and her husband have developed for business owners.

                            They have started, owned and operated over 40 companies turning over more than US $220M in collective revenue, and have won over 30 international awards and been featured in over 330 leading Media publications for their excellence in business.

                            Alessia has been personally invited to join Sir Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and more to teach their business principles on global stages.

                              Karen Drosnes
                              Karen Drosnes is America's #1 Life Coach for women over 60, and a self-proclaimed goddess.

                              She is the co-author of the award-winning #1 selling book, Spiritual Fitness Survivor. Moreover, she has studied, received certifications, and worked as a Lifestyle Coach, Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and Reiki II Practitioner. 

                              Karen lives in South Jersey and enjoys socializing with her family and friends. She is passionate about encouraging other women to live life their Goddess-Self. She loves to learn about anything spiritual. 

                              Karen is a huge animal lover and is  a real fashionista. She is an Empath at heart and would love to see a world where there is fair justice for all living beings.

                              Karen also presents her Sensual Over 60 Podcast, designed to guide women of "a certain age" to experience life fully from their own truth with joy and pleasure.
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